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Bill Blane is a transformational leader who has spent much of his seasoned career in the construction and real estate industry. His current mission is to raise up Magnificent True Father Leaders: men and women who can think and act with their head and heart in alignment with Father God.


Bill was raised in Roanoke, Virginia where he grew up in both an athletic and construction oriented family. His father owned a small contracting firm. He and his brothers excelled in sports. Bill graduated from the University of Virginia in Civil Engineering where he played baseball on the collegiate level.

Starting his professional career in Atlanta, Georgia, Bill worked for ten years in executive management roles in commercial construction. These companies built city stadiums, hotels, hospitals and other major commercial projects. His efforts brought financial and market prestige for these companies as the projects became successful through his leadership. Through God directed decisions, Bill started his own commercial construction company, Blane Construction.

Blane Construction company ran successfully for twenty years in the Atlanta area. The core of the company was founded on strong leadership qualities of integrity, proficiency, and high touch service to his customers which established many quality, repeat clients. Running his own company allow him to have a life-work balance that was important to his career and family.

This experience and governance, along with God's guidance, gave him the foundation to transition into the Leadership Development and coaching business. This is the focus of New Gates llc.Instead of building buildings, he is building magnificent people and organizations.


In this new capacity of consulting and coaching, Bill applies the same skills and relational wisdom to empower his clients to become high performing transformational leaders in their spheres of influence. 

Over the years, Bill has enjoyed working with many magnificent leaders in both the corporate and non profit environments. All these, in turn, have impacted their community and family for good.

On the home front, he’s busy enjoying his days as an empty-nester with his wife of 40+ years. Bill and his wife, Ann, have 4 children and six grandchild. Family is a joy and core of who he is. When given a chance to just have total fun, he can be found sweating it out in a game of racquetball, perfecting his magical backyard oasis he built with his awesome wife or enjoying a grand baby fix.


Bill is staying active and loving life. His major thought is: to live life by loving it! God is his Rock and Heavenly Father. He prays that his life in Christ will be the best part of his legacy to his children and grandchildren.



They are stuck and at a crossroads of decisions. They need vision, clarity and direction in one or more areas. They are making critical decisions and need outside advisement on the circumstances or situation.

They are working through a sea of complex processes or circumstance and need the fresh and wise insight into how to move ahead through the cloud.


They realize that they have gotten this far but still do not have a clear identity, brand or core values in place to help them move to the next level.


They are growing and expanding but realize that their foundation is not strong and secure to build upon. They need a proper foundation for growth and expansion.

They have tried a number of things to “breakthrough” to the next level but are finding
themselves still working through the same process. They want to ascend to the next level.

For Christian companies and owners, they seek to make their business more kingdom minded and with a clear vision and focus with God as their chairman of the board. How can they run their business as if the Heavenly Father is the owner of the Business.


Some of the core essentials we have that has benefited our clients that we bring to their
table of need are:

• Integrity, value and authenticity throughout the process
• Top management reviews and assessments. All level assessments
• Skillful listening, insight and feedback that relevant
• Creative solutions that build trust and direction for the team
• Leadership development for every level
• Focused, measurable, strategic planning
• Create time lines and accountability for timely decisions
• Team building from the inside out
• Expert facilitators for training and equipping
• Assess and/or identify Global vision - find one that works for them
• Solutions that measurable and profitable


We believe that when people come together to meet and exchange ideas, services and products that doing so with the right environment, skill and character; all will profit. In historical and biblical times, gates served that purpose where legal matters where executed, business transacted with integrity, events convened safely and with enjoyment.

At New Gates, we seek to help empower and encourage leaders to serve their families, clients, customers and their community with the same atmosphere, vision and focus: to serve others in skill, authenticity and character for the common good and to the profit of all.

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