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"Bill Blane demonstrates an intense empathy when working with you which is based on his sound foundation of building credibility and trust with everyone he engages. His experience, perceptions and insights into life and business gives him the ability to effectively and efficiently get to the root cause of problems and situations. I am grateful and indebted to Bill for his skills in successfully assisting me a major career transition. I truly could not make this life changing transition without his help."

Ercell Charles

VP of Training Quality, Dale Carnegie & Associates

President, Mentor Performance Systems

"Proven leadership, natural teaching ability, great work ethic, and excellent character are just a few of the traits I would use to describe Bill. I have worked with him on various projects over the years and would not hesitate to recommend him for any sized project."

Josh Thigpen
Senior Development Director
Columbia Ventures

"Bill brings a great deal more to the world of business than his expertise in completing successful building projects on time and under budget. As a colleague he provides insightful feedback and wisdom to other business owners. Bill's counter-cultural approach to doing business breathes life into the phrase 'Servant Leadership'. He will be sought out for wisdom by other leaders and I am glad to know Bill as a friend."

Buz Mayo
Founder and Executive Director at Four Streams Partners, Inc.

"I highly recommend Bill for his service in peoples' lives from all walks and all ages. I
plan on continuing my relationship with Bill as coach and adviser, a man who can offer
me a reality check when I need one."

Art Druckenmiller
Owner at New Streams Corporation (2011)

“The first time I met Bill Blane, he said 5 words to me: “You’re doing a great job.” All I did was walk in front of him and ask him how he liked his coffee. Not only did he know from the Holy Spirit that I needed to hear those words, he said them. I stopped in my tracks as I felt the Heavenly Father’s peace wash over me. While I made Bill his coffee, I proceeded to study him. There was something familiar about his eyes. I had this sense that I had seen the sparkle in his eyes before. I nearly dropped Bill’s coffee as the realization flooded me. This man looked like Jesus. I handed Bill his coffee and told him he looked like Jesus. We both cried, and the rest of our story is one wonder after another, all to bring glory to the name of the One whose eyes hold the sparkle, Jesus Christ, our King.”

Emily Adams
Ass’t to VP BGEA

“I first met Bill when he phoned my office to set a meeting with my boss.  He shared what he was hearing from the Lord and I immediately knew by the language he was using and his calm demeanor, that this was no ordinary phone call and felt the urgency to set the appointment for later that afternoon.  As soon as we met, he began to speak powerfully into my life and share what he felt the Lord was showing him about me and how I could positively impact the environment I was in for Kingdom purposes.  He had no idea of the personal struggle I was having at the time with my identity in Christ, and by simply being obedient to the Father, carried a missing piece that I didn’t even know I needed. Since that first meeting, he has become a trusted friend, cheerleader, coach, encourager and overall safe place to share.  He is a faithful servant being Jesus for Kingdom transformation to bring heaven to earth in ministry or secular environment.”

Cherie Sims

Former Executive assistant at Billy Graham Library

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