Bill Blane, the Founder of New Gates is a multifaceted builder. He builds from the ground up with quality and integrity. What he builds is built to last. He builds things to thrive and bless all who work within it.


When Bill ran his own construction company or while working for a billion dollar national contractor, he built complex projects from the ground up with this approach. Starting with solid foundations to the top levels of the structure, everything and everyone benefited from this focus on integrity and integration of the right methods, people and material.


Now, that same energy and purpose he had for projects is engaged in building, developing and empowering leaders, businesses and their organizations. The ability to build from a solid foundation and structure creates the opportunity for leaders and their companies to grow and scale into all the areas of influence that God designed for them, and, to be sustainable.


In the details, New Gates serves our clients by first helping identify and remove personal and systemic constraints, and second, provide clear vision and strategy for their goals. These two services alone will build a solid foundation for greater productivity, increase profits, and, provide transformational and sustainable processes for you and your company. The tangible outcome to this leadership empowerment is increased efficiency and profitability that comes from strong, confident and authentic leadership. It “Simply, Transforms Business”.  


Everyone in the organization can be a part of the transformation that helps ignite more passion for growth and development, and, increases employee retention, engagement and long term profitability. The result is sustainable change with strength, optimism and empowerment for both work and life on a continuous time line. That is change that transforms! That is building to last a lifetime!


These foundational leadership skills and qualities are built on solid transformational tools. These transformed skills, qualities and behavior will bring about a more profitable and effective team or company and launch them to serve their clients and their communities with authentic, empowered and sustainable leadership. And these skills and qualities are easily transferable to those they lead which creates a huge sustainable culture that transforms.




New Gates is a Transformational Leadership Development and Solutionist firm which brings brilliant strategies to your most pressing needs.